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Ambitious. Exceptional. Bringing together high school students from all over Europe to encourage them to think about future issues, to discuss them, and to propose solutions in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

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Parlement européen des lycéens (PEL)

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The project consists of three main phases which are prepared meticulously before the final event.

Simulation of the European legislative process

The participants simulate the legislative process of the European Union. Each pupil is placed in one of the political parties of the European Parliament and represents it during the plenary sessions. Multiple themes are chosen beforehand and law proposals for simulated european directives are written. Each party has the opportunity to present various amendments with the aim of subsequently obtaining a majority vote. Preparatory work is expected in advance within the parties in order to be able to defend the proposed amendments and to facilitate possible alliances with other parties.

Council of the European Union

In the second phase of the PEL the students change roles and attend a simulation of the Council of the European Union, which aims to train the participants in international negotiations from the point of view of the Member States. Each participating school is representing a Member State and prepares an opening statement for the plenary session as well as an amendment to a proposed european directive.

Personal debates

The participants are split into small groups and discuss the future of the European Union. During this last phase of the PEL they can share their personal opinions.

Preparation is key

Accompanied by our cutting-edge participants panel, dedicated IT infrastructure and handbooks, the students get a lot of resources to prepare each phase in their respective groups. Our Participants Unit is following the progress of the groups' activities and always available for assistance. The different groups get in touch per chat and during several online events before the final event in Strasbourg. A truly unique hybrid and cross-border experience.

The final event

The final event usually takes place during three days in May in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Social and cultural activities are the priority on the arrival day, so that the groups of the different schools can finally meet in person and discover the city together. The following two days take place in the European Parliament.

The final event takes place at a special location
in the heart of Europe :

European Parliament


We thought about you too …

The project addresses schools, teachers, high school students as well as the general public.


The PEL is an absolute plus for everyone in your school, improving the soft- and hardskills of your participants. The PEL as a complimentary activity to your regular curriculum is a true flagship for your school. We honor your commitment to this project with a special certificate for your school.


Discover hidden talents of your students, see your students strive in this internation setting and improve their skills. Connect and exchange with teachers across Europe along participation in the PEL. During the preparation phase and the final event, there will be a special complementary programme for the accompanying teachers.


Broaden your horizons and discover new interests. Engage with students across Europe and be part of our diverse, multilingual and multicultural community. Discover the functioning of the European institutions, become aware of the importance and relevance of the european decision making process. Debate about topics that matter for you and make new friendships along the way.

General public

Follow the activities of the European youth. The relevant results of the debates are accessible via our platform. We also inform decision-makers at regional, national and European level about them.

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A strong host behind

The project is organised by the non profit organisation Let's promote Europe (LPE). LPE is an independent and non-partisan organisation working towards a strong and progressive Europe.
The final event is co-organised with the Strasbourg Conference and Visitor Services Unit of the European Parliament.